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How To Make Vinyl Records Without a Hitch

Updated: May 19, 2020

The recording session is over, the music is in the can and now you want put that amazing sound you've created on vinyl. If you've found Breathe that’s the very first step to success!

Make sure that the music fits when you are pressing vinyl.

A 12” vinyl record pressing for an album will only hold around 16 minutes per side if you are to maintain really good quality. The louder the music and the heavier the bass, the more impact it has on the quality. So think about your musical style and plan your tracks so that you get the best sound possible.

Contact us for a template and for an artwork guide.

Getting your artwork laid out correctly for printing saves time, but ensures that the vinyl you receive back is as you want it. Believe it or not, there are lots of things to think about with artwork and it’s quite often the thing that will hold up the pressing if it’s not done correctly.

Be clear with your instructions.

A common mistake is that you know what you want and you assume that we know what you want. We’ll do our best to guide you through to a perfect vinyl pressing, but make sure you tell us everything you want. Ask any question you want and don’t assume we can read your mind. We won’t be offended if you ask too many questions, we really want to deliver you the best possible product.

Allow enough time.

A common mistake is that too much time is spent on the recording and not enough time is allocated to pressing the record. Vinyl pressing varies in turnaround times and can usually take up to 4 weeks for a test pressing and another 4 weeks to press the final run. Allow a week for approving test pressings and getting the final delivery and it can add up to around 9 weeks. It can sometimes be quicker and sometimes be longer, so check well in advance so that you can plan correctly.

Check back soon for more tips on making your vinyl pressing go without a hitch.


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Breathe Music Online employees have over 25 years’ experience in music manufacturing, pressing vinyl records since the vinyl pressing heyday, when the UK had lots of pressing plants and being at the forefront of CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc manufacturing. You name a type of product and we’ve probably made it, not always through Breathe, but over the years we’ve made every colour of vinyl, every special effect vinyl, all types of CDs and packed them into sleeves, boxes, book-packs, rigid plastic boxes etc. etc..


We’ve also been heavily involved in research on many projects for both customers and manufacturers and even now, in 2020, we are making vinyl on behalf of other vinyl plants which use our experience, and supply chain, to make things they can’t press themselves, both in the UK and the USA.

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